CAD document management can be tricky for most firms.

Chasing down plans from various storage media, tracking them, collating them and managing versions through to the build becomes an enormous headache.

MySmartPlans powers through the mayhem by taking complete control of all your construction documentation. Our total documentation management solution makes CAD file management a breeze since we do all the work for you.

Complete CAD Document Management Solution

It's not uncommon for companies to use multiple CAD environments for their engineering drawings, and plans are often stored in electronic vaults or digitally on separate computer drives, scattered around the network.

MySmartPlans is more than powerful CAD management software - it's a complete documentation management solution. Our Program Information Managers (PIMs) will be on hand to manage every aspect of your document control so you can focus on completing your project.

Your PIM will transform your CAD management by tracking drawings and blueprints and adding them to the searchable and transparent MySmartPlans software database.

From there they can be followed every step of the way, with revisions being applied, comments from team members added and version controls maintained.

Ignite transparency in the process, with CAD documents interlinked with other related items in the searchable index. Click on comments right inside the plans, and click your way through the revisions with incredible ease.

As they continually control the documentation process, your PIM will be compiling all your CAD designs into the final closeout, saving you weeks of work at the end of the project.

MySmartPlans is the ultimate construction industry documentation management solution, injecting powerful transparency in your project through industry leading information control.

Dedicated Program Information Managers working in tandem with our cutting edge software will revolutionize your project document control process. Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can make your closeout process seamless.

CAD File Management