Effectively managing change orders related to your construction project can be an enormous challenge. Failure to properly track and action them can be chaotic, leading to hidden agreements and work orders that can result in nasty surprises down the road.

MySmartPlans ignites transparency in your project by providing revolutionary change order management that eliminates hidden agreements while boosting collaboration.

We accomplish this via our state of the art document control software as well as through our dedicated Project Information Managers (PIMs), working in tandem to deliver complete control over your project information flow.

Complete Change Order Management

When change orders come in they can easily have an enormous impact on the scope of the entire project. It's at this point that communications, work orders, and agreements can fall through the cracks and become hidden from view.

Transparency is vital to a successfully completed project. MySmartPlans turbocharges transparency by shining a light in all corners of the information exchange. Hidden agreements become a thing of the past as all documents generated by the project are indexed in one database, easily searchable and accessible with a few mouse clicks.

Email correspondence is linked to related documents and archived, making paper trails effortless to follow. Team members can easily make comments and notations, cross-indexed to relevant information.

Your PIM will compile a completely accessible archive of all documents, an enormously powerful information compendium that makes the closeout process incredibly simple. Gone are the days of collecting information for weeks on end at the completion of the project.

MySmartPlans delivers powerfully transformative change order management thanks to its cutting edge document management software and PIM support. We'll give your construction company the tools to take charge of change orders and eliminate hidden surprises.

Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can propel your construction project management forward.

Engineering Change Order Management