As a build company, managing your bid paper trail can be an onerous task. Professional bid management software such as MySmartPlans can help take your project to the next level of efficiency by providing best in class document solutions.

MySmartPlans fires up transparency and turbocharges collaboration by offering revolutionary software that gives you complete control over your bidding process.

Powerful Construction Bidding Software

As a result of your bidding process, you'll likely be encumbered with an untold number of spreadsheets and documentation to support your bid. Your estimation worksheets need to be carefully indexed and cross-referenced to related documents.

MySmartPlans takes care of this and more. With the support of a dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) who takes complete command of every document generated during the process, you'll have a searchable central information hub.

The PIM will enter all documentation into the software where it will be indexed, archived and cross-referenced to all relevant documentation along a stamped timeline.

You'll enjoy complete transparency as MySmartPlans eliminates hidden documents. There'll be no unpleasant surprises down the road as all bids and worksheets will be searchable and visible to all team members.

As well, members of your team will enjoy unmatched collaboration ability thanks to powerful document viewing and shareability that incorporates related emails into the process.

Immediately click through to other documents along the timeline, improving workflow, from the bid process straight through to the handover. Your closeout will be a breeze, since all documents have already been archived, saving you potentially weeks of time.

MySmartPlans construction bid management software injects new levels of efficiency into your bidding process thanks to dedicated PIM support and a state of the art solution that will put you in the informational driver's seat.

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Construction Bid Management Software