It's easy to get bogged down by the crush of contract documentation in your construction project. Accounting for masses of agreements during the build can be a major headache, especially leading up to the closeout.

The bane of any project comes in the form of hidden contracts and change orders that sometimes don't come to light until the end, leading to unpleasant surprises.

MySmartPlans ignites transparency in your project through our revolutionary construction contract management software. You'll be able to shed light in every corner of the project management process by tracking, collating and collaborating on every single document in your workflow.

Transparent Construction Contract Management Software

MySmartPlans' cutting edge construction management software allows you to centrally control your contract documentation, giving you the ultimate in accountability, productivity and decreased costs.

Your dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) will assume complete oversight over the document flow process, working in tandem with our unique searchable and indexed software.

The PIM will be responsible for collecting all documents and collating them inside the software. From there, you'll be able to easily track versions, view contracts and change orders with ease, and ensure that no documents are hidden from view.

MySmartPlans handles every aspect of centralizing documentation control for you, removing the burden of document workflow management from you so you can focus on executing your project.

The level of transparency, collaboration, and centralization provided by our unique process makes the closeout process a breeze, saving you weeks of time and effort.

In today's busy project environment, you need more than just state of the art construction contract management software. You need a team behind you that is ready to take command of your information flow so it's right where you need it when you need it.

Contact MySmartPlans to learn how our contract management software solutions can turbocharge your project's transparency.

Successful Project Management and Documentation