Maintaining a proper construction project file structure is crucial to the efficient management of your build. With the scope of today's projects expanding like never before, it's incumbent on successful project managers to implement a robust and flexible filing system that adapts to the changes.

MySmartPlans elevates construction document management to new heights. Our transformative software solution takes a bold new approach to document filing that ignites transparency, empowers collaboration and provides unparalleled accessibility for your information.

Powerful Construction Project File Structure

With MySmartPlans your entire document file from bid through to closeout and handover will be immediately archived, indexed and cross-referenced according to the project timeline.

Your dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) will assemble, collate and enter all project-related documents into the software, managing the entire process on your behalf.

You'll not only have the flexibility that comes with being able to redeploy valuable project resources, but you'll build a powerful filing system that jumpstarts teamwork through its suite of collaborative tools.

Team members can add comments and make virtual notations on the documents, interlinked with relevant emails and related documents. They'll be able to click through the project timeline with ease.

And your construction project file structure will be powered by unmatched transparency, since MySmartPlans’ collaborative tools eliminate hidden documents, ensuring that surprises don't surface as the project unfolds.

The secure and fully indexed archive results in a simple and straightforward closeout process, as all documents generated by the project will be immediately available at your fingertips.

MySmartPlans brings state of the art software and management solutions to organize your construction project file structure like never before. The tool empowers you to take complete command over your documents to create a robust archive that will propel your project forward.

Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can revolutionize your construction project files.

Engineering Project File Structure