Preparing for your construction project handover document can be an exceptionally large task. With so many documents to track, collate and compile, it usually represents weeks of work for most firms.

With MySmartPlans the handover document completion process is made simple. The powerful software solution handles all aspects of document management for you in a secure, indexable and searchable archive of all project-related materials and emails.

Construction Project Handover Document Software

MySmartPlans is a revolutionary document management solution that boldly brings transparency to your project while boosting collaboration. With the help of your dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM), you'll compile a searchable archive of all documents generated by the project.

Your PIM will act as your central document controller, collecting and assembling project documents and entering them into the MySmartPlans software.

From there you'll have a secure platform with unparalleled document accessibility that you can use to collaborate with team members in a number of powerful ways. Interact on documents by commenting, place virtual notations and click through to related documentation with ease.

Transparency is key with MySmartPlans as hidden documents are eliminated. The ability for all team members to view every document helps to shine a light on the project, ensuring that information never falls through the cracks.

And since all documents are archived as they are issued, you'll have a ready-made compendium of project documents ready for the closeout and handover process. You'll save valuable time and effort by not having to chase down and track items to be included.

Construction handover document management has never been easier thanks to MySmartPlans. Our state of the art software solution and PIM support give you the tools you need to achieve a successful closeout and handover with a minimal amount of effort.

Contact us to learn how your handover process can be simplified by the power of MySmartPlans.

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