Anyone in the construction industry knows that having the right tools for the job is essential to getting it done properly. And having the right construction project tracking software is equally important to a successful build.

MySmartPlans revolutionizes construction documentation management through their state of the art software solution that ignites transparency while giving you complete control over your information flow.

Revolutionary Construction Project Tracking Software

Tracking and managing your workflow is vital to a completing a successful project, and MySmartPlans leads the way. Our Program Information Managers (PIMs) are ready to step in and take complete command of your documentation.

Working in tandem with our searchable and indexable software, the PIM will gather, collate and index all of your project's documentation into a central source, bringing an unparalleled level of accountability, collaboration, and transparency to the fray.

The ability to check the latest document version, track change orders with ease, comment on plans and keep contracts in check gives you an enormous amount of control over the direction of your project.

Additionally, all documents are instantly archived, including all project-related emails, so you'll have a complete paper trail at the ready.

And having all documentation compiled centrally as they are produced makes the closeout process a snap, saving you weeks of effort and allowing you to proceed directly to your next job.

MySmartPlans is more than just industry-leading construction project tracking software. It's a complete document control solution that promises to revolutionize the management of even the most challenging build process.

Instantly find and access any important document you need, when you need it, and ensure that potentially damaging hidden items aren't lurking within piles of paperwork.

Contact us to learn how you can let us take control over your construction industry project tracking so that you can devote your time toward meeting your project delivery goals.

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