Construction project reporting software is an essential tool to help a company manage the myriad reports generated during the build. Software such as MySmartPlans is a driving force behind a successful project conclusion.

MySmartPlans is game-changing construction industry document management software that puts you in control of your project's information flow. Ignite transparency and turbocharge collaboration with a centralized, searchable archive of all documents generated by the project.

Powerful Construction Reporting Software

Reporting is a time-consuming aspect of project management, and the thousands of reports generated over the course of the build can be difficult to reconcile. MySmartPlans takes away that burden by handling all aspects of document control for you.

A dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) will be on hand to collect, collate and index every document as it's generated. Acting as a central control hub for all of your reports and documentation, the PIM will take the burden of document management off your shoulders.

Through MySmartPlans' complete document management software solution, your team will be able to effectively collaborate by making and reading comments, clicking through to related documents and relevant emails easily along the entire project timeline.

Project documents can sometimes fall down between the cracks, resulting in unpleasant surprises down the road. Hidden reports and documents are eliminated with MySmartPlans' unmatched level of transparency since everything is viewable and searchable by project team members.

MySmartPlans ensures that your construction reporting will be safely and securely stored, tracked and archived. All of your information will be closeout-ready at the end of the project, saving you weeks of document tracking time.

For unmatched and powerful construction project reporting software, MySmartPlans gives you the versatility and state of the art tools you need for a successful build.

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Construction Project Reporting System