Managing your workflow is a critical task for any project manager, and having robust construction workflow management software is an essential tool for an efficient operation.

MySmartPlans offers revolutionary document management software tools that will turbocharge your productivity and facilitate your workflow. Ignite transparency, jumpstart collaboration and enjoy best in class document access with the click of a mouse.

Construction Workflow Software Solutions

With MySmartPlans, you're getting more than state of the art document management software. Your very own Project Information Manager (PIM) will be on hand to take command of your document flow, acting as a central nexus for all documentation.

All documents generated by the project will be collected, collated and indexed into the system by your PIM, allowing you to visualize your project efficiently and effectively.

From submittals and contracts through to submittals and change orders, following the workflow has never been easier. Instantly comment on or view comments from team members, read related emails and click through to corresponding documents in seconds.

Revisions are easy to identify through color sheet comparisons, so you'll instantly gain access to the latest version.

Hidden documents are eliminated with MySmartPlans, bringing an unparalleled level of transparency to your project. As every document is fully indexed and searchable, all roadblocks in the workflow are removed.

Documentation is ordered and organized along clear timelines giving you unmatched ability to follow clear paths through the project. And as everything is archived on the go, you'll have a clear document path from initial RFP through to closeout and handover.

Take charge of your construction workflow management with MySmartPlans' dedicated PIM support and cutting edge document management software. You'll gain the transparency, collaboration, and support you need for a successful build.

Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can bring effective workflow management to your team.

Construction Project Management Workflow