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48 Hours!

Get up and running in less than 48 hours with MySmartPlans. We dedicate a project team to support you and our software is ready to go out of the box. The ongoing processing, organization and management of project information for your project is quick and easy. In five steps, you’ll be up and running with your custom solution –in days, not weeks or months. You can even learn how to use our software in less than an hour, it’s that intuitive.

5 Step Process of How We Work With You


Step 1

The MySmartPlans Project Information Managers (PIM) meet with your project leaders to customize your dashboard. They identify key members and define where construction documents will come from. We also establish security protocols to make sure your information is safe and accessible only to those who need it.. The PIM will also work with your team to customize the interface to third-party systems so you are ready to go sooner and smoother.

Step 2

The Project Information Manager meets with team members, including contractors, architects, consultants, subcontractors and engineers to obtain the documents, photos, videos and any additional information. We handle everything you need to get started, we do the chasing so you don’t have to.

Step 3

The Project Information Manager reviews the dashboard with project leaders and makes any needed adjustments so your dashboard is perfect for your needs. MySmartPlans provides system training, tech support, planholders lists, sitemap info and interfaces to any third-party products.

Step 4

The Project Information Manager works directly with government project managers and key team personnel to ensure information is accurate and complete, and to capture any missing or incomplete data. The files are enhanced to improve viewing and navigation, compressed for optimal size, made fully searchable and OCR compliant, and bookmarked.

Step 5

The Project Information Manager works with project managers to identify information needed for closeout, subject to your requirements. This can include such information as training videos, project completion photos, warranty information, O&M manuals, insurance information and maintenance schedules. We gather it all, and make sure it’s perfect for your closeout.

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Construction Management 101 Guide

The Construction Management 101 Guide helps you find the right software solution for your project.
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The Manifesto

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Complimentary Needs Consultation

Looking to better understand how MySmartPlans can fit into your next project? Schedule a complimentary needs cosultation with one of our software experts. We’ll help you answer a few questions and show you a cost comparison. Together, we’ll find the right solution for your next job.

Closeout Documents

Closeout Documents

The Closeout module prevents document loss during and after the construction process.
Color Sheet Comparison

Color Sheet Comparison

Color Sheet Comparison automatically identifies changes to sheet revisions that have been issued.
Redline Review

Redline Review

Redline Review is a project collaboration tool that allows project members to ask questions, redline drawings, post additional information, review specifications and communicate efficiently.

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