Having been on the GSA network for a few years and using the https://mysmartplans.gsa.gov domain, we know a thing or two about Government Compliance. Evolving security threats will always be a top priority that is why compliance standards are being imposed worldwide by governments and companies alike, including FedRAMP and DISA approved cloud in the United States. Adhering to ISO 27001 standards is no longer sufficient for all organizations and projects. MySmartPlans can meet the additional cloud and SaaS governance needs of these projects.

Advanced system architecture

With MySmartPlans ability to run on the Amazon Web Service Infrastructure as a Service platform for government projects, we are in compliance for all major certifications. IaaS eliminates the risks of aging hardware, and provides greater scale, flexibility, and security to respond to changing requirements.

Backups and disaster recovery

Our solution includes sophisticated backups and protocols are in place in the rare event of a data center loss. MySmartPlans servers and data for government projects are replicated across multiple zones within a region providing faster recovery.

Construction Project Reporting System