How to Create Verified Trust

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ROI for allThe British Embassy Bangkok and Thailand’s State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) are working together to promote the Construction Sector Transparency (CoST) Initiative.

It’s an age old challenge: transparency during construction.  So many general contractors have one mission: change orders – building trust without the tools to verify.  MySmartPlans was designed to eliminate this behavior by transforming communication, placing all documents on one platform that are verified with ONE administrator.

A data vault of all information, including: emails, change orders, submittals, weather, specs, color sheet comparisons.

MySmartPlans provides tools that are customized to each project with one price and an unlimited site license.

MySmartPlans has a vast resume of uncovering deceit.  In one case a change was made to a contract document without the owner’s consent and the engineer presented the team a $12.5m change order.  We had the complete audit trail: when the change was made and by whom.

You have to be in control of the information flow – not on the outside looking in – trust but verify must be in the hands of the owner!

MySmartPlans – the ultimate construction technology builds with trust AND verify!

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