Keeping Tabs at a Glance

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tabsThe first cars had the very basic materials required to propel their delighted owners around at what much have felt like the breakneck speed of 20mph. Of course, today we get annoyed when we must slow down that much, whether for a school zone or in a parking lot. That’s not the only difference through the years, however.

The notion of a dashboard, a central location where nearly all of the basic assessments of a vehicle could be accessed at a glance, is one that has become common enough to almost have become superfluous. Despite that, we still need help from a specialist to figure out why certain lights won’t stop glaring at us while driving.

The Model T Ford, for example, had no speedometer. It was not installed because it was not thought to be needed. The only items on the dashboard were an ampere (amp) meter, and the on/off lever which was activated by the car’s key.

Later models began to include an odometer so that drivers would know when they were about to run out of gas, and to tally their total mileage. As time wore on, more items were added, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that the number of notifications we currently see became a standard part of our daily commute.

Some drivers have taken this issue into their own hands with diagnostic tools that can be plugged into the car to find out the issue. However, knowing is only half the battle. If you’re not sure how to fix a problem, or you don’t have the right tools, you end up having to take it to a mechanic, anyway.

What if your diagnostic tools were not only part of the dashboard, but configured in such a way as to allow you to control which issues take priority?

MySmartPlans is a dashboard for your construction project. More than that, it’s a direct line to all of the inner workings of your team’s “vehicle,” and our PIMs are the mechanics standing by to help you with whatever issues might crop up along the way.

Unlike a car’s mechanic, however, Project Information Managers are not here to take over, but to help you take control of how the information is presented to you, so that even the most experienced gearhead can find the issue and correct it without getting dirty. It’s your car – we’re just helping the moving parts to be easier to access.

Wouldn’t you like your project’s direction to be as easy to see as those numbers between your steering wheel and windshield?

Let MySmartPlans be your project’s dashboard. Put our Ultimate Construction Technology to work for you!

-Bonnie Burgette

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