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willI recently offered to allow employees to express their feelings about MySmartPlans anonymously, in case they were shy about having their name posted publicly.

Will Steffen immediately said he was fine with it – he’s the son of Shelley Armato, the President/CEO and founder. Thus, he has a personal stake in the company, but it’s clear that he’s also here because he loves it.

“I feel like I, and everyone here, [has] a voice in influencing company policies and strategies,” he says, noting that at MySmartPlans, everyone’s ideas are treated as being just as valid as those from the “higher-ups.”

When asked what he likes about MySmartPlans’s service/product, he has this to say: “We do a lot of the heavy lifting for our clients, and their Project Team – giving them more time to spend out in the field managing their projects.”

This is something MySmartPlans tries to put across in our other blog entries encouraging those who are on the fence about participating in a partnership with us, and Will’s response should help to ease the minds of not only potential clients, but those who are already benefiting from our assistance.

On a day-to-day level, Will shared what he loved about the environment at MySmartPlans:

“Having an opportunity to work with the development staff has been very cool – seeing them put the pieces together on new products with our help is very exciting!”

MySmartPlans is constantly evolving to meet the needs of every project and company; everyone has different needs, and improvements are being made all the time.

What do you, as clients, like about MySmartPlans? If you’re thinking about signing up, how do Will’s answers make you feel?

Feel free to leave your comments below!

-Bonnie Burgette

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