Many construction firms experience difficulty compiling and creating operating and maintenance (O&M) manuals, frequently leaving it to the end of the construction process instead of proactively assembling these vital documents.

MySmartPlans is powerful document management software that takes the guesswork out of O&M compilation. Turbocharge collaboration, ignite transparency and benefit from transformative document control that puts you in the driver's seat.

Seamlessly Compile Operating & Maintenance Manuals

Companies frequently rely on binders full of disparate information to compile their O&Ms, taking weeks to collate documents and occasionally delaying handover in the process.

MySmartPlans solves this problem by collecting, collating and indexing all documents generated by the project. It stores and centralizes construction project documents into a searchable archive along stamped timelines.

Guided by our dedicated Project Information Managers (PIMs), the revolutionary software gives you a level of collaborative and transparent document management capability previously unheard of.

Your O&M process will be greatly simplified by having all documentation readily at your fingertips, fully cross-referenced to related documents.

Enhance proactivity by creating O&M placeholder documents; capture and archive related emails and easily create a document structure along specified timelines.

Transparency will skyrocket with all team members being able to offer insight and input while ensuring that no information falls through the cracks.

Power through the closeout process with the fully archived document collection, negating the need to chase down information after the project has ended.

Compiling your operating and maintenance manuals has never been easier thanks to MySmartPlans' game-changing document management software. With an all-in-one source for all your project information, you'll have the tools you need to assemble O&Ms efficiently and on time.

Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can transform your O&M process  for seamless and dynamic results.

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