Redline drawings are ubiquitous in construction, and managing the various iterations of plans can be a challenge. A robust document management system is a powerful tool to help you complete your project smoothly.

MySmartPlans offers cutting edge construction industry redline management software that will empower your project like never before. Control your document flow with ease while igniting transparency, giving your team unmatched access to every aspect of your build.

Powerful Redline Management System

As redline drawings show the evolution of plans over time, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of them that you need to account for. A powerful redline management system such as MySmartPlans is the tool you need to take charge of your document flow.

MySmartPlans is the ultimate in construction industry document management. A dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) will be in place to take complete command of your project's documents, working in tandem with our cutting edge software to collect, collate and archive every single document generated.

Revision management and version control are hallmarks of MySmartPlans software. By empowering you to effortlessly see the evolution of your redline drawings, you'll never need to worry about viewing outdated documents.

Make and read comments by team members and immediately be taken to the latest version. Experience unrivaled levels of transparency and accessibility, as every team member will have access to all documentation.

And since the documents are archived on the go, you'll have a fully searchable archive at closeout time, saving you weeks of document collection and collation.

MySmartPlans' redline management software system places complete document control at your fingertips. Manage your redlines with ease and see their evolution instantly, always having the correct version at the ready.

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Redline Management Software