Successful construction firms know that having a powerful RFI management software system in place is part of a winning project management strategy.

MySmartPlans's game-changing software solution ignites transparency and empowers unparalleled accessibility to all of your information making it the perfect RFI document management system.

Premier RFI Management Software

Keeping track of your RFIs can be a challenge for any construction company. Information flows both ways during the process, and staying up to date on versions and revisions can be a headache.

With customers asking for detailed information and suppliers providing quotations, not to mention your own outbound correspondence, the RFI file can become fairly complex as the revisions mount.

With MySmartPlans staying abreast of RFI document changes is never an issue. Thanks to the support of your dedicated Program Information Manager (PIM), all of your project documents will be tracked down, collated and entered into the searchable database.

Your PIM will take complete command of the document procurement and management process from the beginning, archiving and indexing everything in real time. Closeouts will be a snap, saving you weeks of document preparation.

Being able to instantly access and collaborate on your RFI documents gives you an enormous advantage. Comment on and read comments from team members, and click through to related documents in seconds.

You'll save time and money in the long run as resources can be effectively deployed away from document management toward completing your project.

Hidden agreements and documents have an unfortunate tendency to come to the light at the end, leading to unpleasant surprises. MySmartPlans gives you unmatched levels of transparency, letting you shine a light in all corners of the RFI process.

MySmartPlans provides complete and powerful construction industry RFI document management software designed to take your project management to the next level.

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