Running a successful build means having the right tools in place, and powerful project management software for the construction industry is a crucial part of the mix.

MySmartPlans is revolutionary document control software for construction companies that takes project management to the next level. A dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM) working in tandem with the state of the art tool will take full command of your document management strategy, giving you unmatched flexibility.

One of the key challenges facing construction companies is how to effectively file, access and securely store the enormous number of documents generated by the project.

MySmartPlans is software for the construction industry. Designed by industry experts and managed by your PIM, the tool gives you complete control over your information flow.

Your PIM will collect all documents as they are generated, acting as a central resource for your information workflow.

Hidden agreements, contracts, and documentation can easily fall through the cracks. MySmartPlans ignites transparency by making these hidden items a thing of the past, allowing you to shine a light in all corners of the project.

Your team will benefit from full collaboration, with the ability to make comments on documents, link to relevant emails and click through to related documents in seconds.

The archive is organized along timelines allowing for logical workflow. From RFPs, contracts, bids, submittals, redlines and drawings to O&M and handover documents, you'll be ready for the closeout in no time, saving you weeks of time spent chasing down information.

When you need to take charge of your document and information flow, MySmartPlans software for the construction industry is the solution you need for a smooth and efficient project operation.

From unmatched transparency levels to transformative collaboration, accessibility and powerful archiving solutions, MySmartPlans is the software solution that will take your build to new heights of efficiency.

Contact us to learn how MySmartPlans can turbocharge your construction project.

Project Management Software for Construction Industry