Subfolders, Be Gone!

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Unorganized files stressing you out?
MySmartPlans to the rescue! Time to take control over your project information. Sure, you have a system that has worked for the past 20 or so years… but is your system efficient? In real-time? Can you find any information you need in two clicks? Unless you have a robot for a project administrator, you probably answered, “NO” to all three of those questions.c_to_c
Save yourself from expensive mistakes. Stop pulling your hair out trying to go back and find lost information. Climb out of the piles of binders and plan sets covering your desk. No more folders within folders within folders within folders within…. you get the point. Finish your projects AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Finish your projects UNDER BUDGET. Know exactly which plan set is the lastest and greatest. Take your architect off of speed dial, you’re in charge now.
Let’s take some time to talk about how MySmartPlans can benefit your project! Sign up for a demo today and start taking control of your chaos.