Let’s cut the chaos and get down to business

Manifesto_Mockup_CropThe way that construction projects are managed is broken. Our world is constantly connected and has adopted technology as a way of life. Why is our industry still printing plans, wasting paper and wreaking havoc on contractors’ lives?

At MySmartPlans, we had the audacity to believe that there is a better way. So we went out and built it. Now we’re proving it on every project we touch.

The Manifesto exists for you, the growing number of construction managers, subcontractors and principles who want to get out of Construction Hell and are done with the games and are ready to change the way construction projects get done.

Here’s a sample:

  • We don’t have to accept lack of information as standard
  • You should never lose sight of your project details
  • Nothing hidden, everything about a project available and accessible by all
  • Sleep better knowing all parties have the right information
  • No more losing money because you weren’t informed of changes

Read The Manifesto, share it and join us as we challenge the status quo and cut the chaos from construction management.

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