Keeping track of all the construction transmittal documents related to your project can be an onerous task without the proper document management tools in place.

MySmartPlans makes the process of collecting, collating and archiving your transmittals a breeze. Our industry-leading software working in concert with our dedicated Project Information Managers (PIMs) gives you a powerful one-stop solution to all your document management needs.

Transmittal Document Management

Transmittal documents are vital pieces of the information control puzzle and are often subject to many revisions along the way. Staying on top of these revisions and maintaining version control is a key responsibility of the project manager.

MySmartPlans revolutionizes this process by making transmittals easily accessible by all team members in a fully transparent and collaborative fashion.

Your PIM will assemble all documentation generated by the project and index them into our cutting edge software suite. From there, team members can quickly and easily gain access to the latest version of the transmittals, view updates, add comments, and click through to related documents - all with a few mouse clicks.

MySmartPlans ensures you'll never have to worry about viewing outdated documents. Updated transmittals chronicling all project correspondence will be easy to access at a moment's notice, thanks to a searchable date-specific index.

And once the project reaches its conclusion, your archived database serves as the basis of an effortless closeout process. Without having to chase down and collect your transmittal documents, you'll save weeks of time and effort.

When you need state of the art construction transmittal document management, MySmartPlans is the complete solution your company needs to manage a successful build. Powerfully transparent and collaborative, you'll turbocharge your document control in a way you've never thought possible.

Contact us to learn how your transmittals can be managed easily and effectively, bringing peace of mind to your project.

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