Universal Clarity and Deadlines

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Submittals are a vital part of any project, and so many of them are on file that it can be a little overwhelming to keep up with them.

“Can you change the submittal date for me? Will this keep me from being late?” is a question that has been posited to MySmartPlans on several occasions by team members on our projects.

Our Project Information Managers‘ response is always, “Let me contact the owner, and make sure this is acceptable to them.”

We feel that this is the only acceptable response. We recognize, however, that quite a bit of oversight is necessary in order to support that response.

MySmartPlans is designed to provide valuable insight to the owners and project managers. Our digital dashboard is customized to your product, and to meet the needs of your team.

clarityWith MySmartPlans, not only do you have the tools to keep track of all of your submittals in a custom-designed setup, but you have a PIM at your side to help you address concerns with vendors, which can help in future project decisions.

That extra pair of eyes provides the kind of security that large projects need to succeed.

All of us at MySmartPlans are dedicated to making the construction industry the best it can be, and ensuring that rather than trying to guess who to trust, you know exactly who’s on your side.

Join us in building the best way, on our journey to providing the highest level of transparency (and clarity) for the most success.

Join us for data commissioning at its finest with The Ultimate in Construction Technology!

-Bonnie Burgette

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