Airport Challenges with Aviation Leader Mukesh (Mookie) Patel

Written by Shelley Armato

Mookie Patel is an experienced aviation professional with a combined 27 of the airport, airline, and consulting experience.

Shelley Armato talks with Aviation Leader Mukesh (Mookie) Patel on the difficulty of facilities management post construction and how MySmartPlans Digital Twin could solve the issues. They discuss the pitfalls of airport construction and document turnover that create a disconnect after projects are finished.

Issues include:

1. There is no real repository of closeout documentation for most airports

2. If the data is collected, airport personnel don’t have clear access with search capabilities

3. Data from construction could change facilities management for the better for the lifecycle of the project!

4. MySmartPlans is getting into the middle of things and ensuring airports have complete data upon closeout! 

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