Announcement: Mid-Continent Public Library Partners with MySmartPlans in 5-Year-Long Capital Improvement Plan

Written by Shelley Armato

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (Dec. 18, 2018) – The Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) is partnering with MySmartPlans to bring document management and control to the next phase of its five-year-long capital improvement plan. MySmartPlans is a project information management tool that coordinates planning and scheduling and accelerates every step of the project lifecycle for every member of the team.

“I am very excited about the ability to have everyone on the same page, quite literally, by being able to work on the same documents. The flow of information has been great — we know everyone has access to all the necessary documents at all times,” said Jacob Weimmer, MCPL Capital Improvement Project Manager. “Despite the fact that MySmartPlans joined us after the capital improvement plan was already underway, MySmartPlans merged seamlessly into a group of projects that were already up and running.”

Through 2022, MySmartPlans will assist MCPL as they upgrade 31 branches and build two new branches by streamlining construction paperwork through an intuitive and easy to use platform, along with a team of project information managers. It will bring together project information from all participants into a single, collaborative virtual workroom – tracking changes, verifying requirements and keeping plans up-to-date. With five branch construction projects happening between now and May 2019, the partnership with MySmartPlans will help ensure that the MCPL capital improvement plan stays on track and critical information doesn’t get overlooked.

“We are transforming construction projects like this one with organized knowledge management and collaboration with facilities,” said MySmartPlans CEO Shelley Armato. “Our goal is to help local clients like MCPL, as well as clients all across the country, complete projects on time and on budget through transparency and organization, something that has been lacking in the construction industry until now.”

About MySmartPlans

Based in Kansas City, Kansas, MySmartPlans was founded in 2008 by Shelley Armato and her husband Dominick. The program was created to solve an organization and communication problem the Armatos discovered from years working within the construction industry. Ten years later, MySmartPlans leads the construction industry in document management and document control by providing an intuitive and easy to use platform, along with a team of project information managers. The company now serves more than 200 clients locally and 1300 clients in 44 different states across the U.S.

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