Creating Data Driven Organizations | Guest Jason Beck

Written by Shelley Armato

Jason works for WSP Global engineering and professional services firm on an Innovation advisory group, works directly with businesses and sometimes architects; on projects, portfolios, districts, and municipalities on helping them become data-driven organizations.

Jason Beck and Shelley Armato discuss The IMPORTANCE of DATA driven construction (the true digital twin) Data Driven organizations assisting in projects as a third-party custodian The need for full data How to create INTEGRITY of data for any construction job MySmartPlans holds all stakeholders accountable, creates a transparent project, brings integrity and organization to your job, and focuses on data driven decisions.

“Your well positioned for it, your platform is amazing, and it does deliver on that promise on stopping waste and misery on projects…Your platform is an example, to me, of an innovation that my group, as an advisor, to a portfolio owner…do you want to drastically reduce your waste and risk on your projects. Do you want to have everybody held accountable, and change everybody into good behavior by transparency and accountability? Well, I have just the tool for you” – Jason

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