Improved Education Construction

As construction in the education realm becomes increasingly complex, facility integration has become a crucial piece of the puzzle. MySmartPlans is a leading provider of construction management software for educational facilities, and we can help you streamline your construction process from start to finish. Our experienced digital librarians will help you manage every aspect of your construction project, from budgeting and scheduling to quality control and construction coordination. We also provide support from our team of experts, so you can get answers to your questions in a timely manner. With MySmartPlans, you can be confident that your construction project will run smoothly and efficiently - without any headaches. You can't afford to do business without MySmartPlans. Not only will MySmartPlans handle your facilities system integration for you, but we will ensure you have everything you need prior to the final closeout so that once your keys are in hand, you're ready to get that facility up and running!

MySmartPlans brings to the table the ability to have your design team, build team, and internal team at your school or education network on the same page, all the time. We do that through workflow management systems, a proactive approach to ensuring all your documents make it into our system, and the idea that every ounce of information being captured during construction becomes crucial come project turnover/closeout. We understand the nuances and challenges specific to construction in the education world, and we've created a solution that helps construction teams succeed.

What does that mean for you? A construction project that's on time, on budget, and comes with complete as-built documentation so you can maintain your facility to the highest standards. 

Bates Technical College

The Advanced Technology Center

The new Advanced Technology Center at Bates Technical College is a state-of the art facility that houses programs such as engineering, IT work force development, and digital media. The building has achieved LEED gold rating for its sustainable design practices which make it an environmentally conscious place to learn!