Eliminating Construction Litigation with Bill Quatman

Written by Shelley Armato

Bill Quatman shares his knowledge about litigation in construction and ways to prevent litigation. Quatman is a retired Council for Burns and McDonnell of 15 years, with over 30 years in the industry! Listen to how you can save your projects millions.

Bill Quatman Former Senior Counsel for Burns and McDonnell and Shelley Armato discuss how Construction Litigation can be reduced and even eliminated in this Podcast! Some Quotes from this Podcast:

“For the most part designers and contractors blame each other for disputes on the project and the owner gets caught in the middle; thus, the construction lawyers, arbitrators and mediators to solve those disputes”.

“I have probably heard about everything at least once…more and more it’s payment disputes…the pressure to get plans and specs issued for bidding by the owner’s deadline when they may not be coordinated. Then people like you become so important because document analysis and retrieval is so important in any claim.”

In reference to MySmartPlans “I just imagine, as a construction litigator you know, to be able to point and click and find the documentation that relates to that specific change order, whatever, in seconds as opposed to days or weeks manually would be a game changer.”

“I think the real benefit that probably something you deal with in marketing your services. There may be an upfront cost to have you as a consultant on the back end when you’re in claims litigation, you’ve got a team of paralegals searching through records. That’s a cost to the project that you would eliminate by putting you in the front end of the project as opposed to the back end of the project.”

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