I know it is embarrassing. I know it is hard to discuss. But HELP is on the way!

Written by Shelley Armato

1500 Projects, mega projects to small hospital remodels; we have supported them all.  Like Uber*, we are streamlining construction.  Can you even imagine such a thing?

Like Uber, I am sure we all thought there had to be a better way, can’t you just hitch a ride?  Hitchhiking was a thing of the past.

Hitch a ride, thank the driver and go on. Until people were getting killed, murdered, raped, and beaten.  BAD people took over the idea, ruined a great thing. Good people were stolen the right to meet a stranger and help without being suspect.  My father was a hitchhiker, he was picked up by Andy Griffith’s aunt, he hitchhiked from Maine to Missouri.

Much like construction, there was a time when you could trust, good people to do what is right. There was a time when integrity was routine.

I am reminded of a pre-bid meeting we were attending, virtually as an audit insight. The resounding conversation was about the Construction Manager being a Christian. He was loud, he quoted scripture, he swore he was going to do this job right! LOL I said to myself, let us watch you and determine if you definitely stand by what the bible says, “do unto others as you would have done unto you?”  OR was money going to get in the way?  Margins?  WELL like most people using the Gospel as a weapon he was looking for the margin of the project.

Trying is no longer an option, trust then verify is a terrible idea, we say verify THEN trust. 

As gate keepers of the project and documents our project information managers (PIMS), see it all. General Contractors asking our PIMS to open closed documents, open review documents to make changes, change meeting minutes, you name it we have seen it! It all matters, concrete pour date, weather the day it was poured, etc.

So why would you risk your life/livelihood hitchhiking, when you can safely take Uber? To keep the document library organized, putting them in the hands of a third-party custodian is the key. As in the earlier catastrophe, knowledge was the key of saving lives. They had not hired us and they are still looking for documents in that project.

Are you willing to stand for doing the right thing? Are you curious to what really goes on?  Is your neck on the line?  Your job? Your Legacy?  Do you have plans when you must retire early? Let us verify and trust us for your project and peace of mind.


* https://www.uber.com/?utm_campaign=CM2058139-search-google-brand_1_-99_US-National_driver_web_acq_cpc_en_Generic_Exact_uber_kwd-169801042_471899626927_112368040778_e_c&utm_source=AdWords_Brand

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