Join us for an Airport Improvement Program Software Eligibility Roundtable Discussion this Friday

Written by Shelley Armato

Join Us for a discussion of Airport Improvement Program Software Eligibility (AIP Handbook 3-66: Computer Software
and Data Subscription Costs)
October 30 at 1:00 p.m. CT

MySmartPlans is hosting a roundtable discussion of software eligibility (AIP Handbook Section 11 – 3-66) and also providing an overview of its Juneau Airport taxiway rehabilitation project.

3-66. Computer Software and Data Subscription Costs.
The ADO may approve sponsor requests, on a case-by-case basis, to include a specifically allocated portion of the costs of software acquisition, licensing and/or subscription. The ADO may only approve the portion of the cost that is directly attributable to a specific, FAA-approved AIP project, only for the duration of the approved AIP project, and only for the entity that is actually doing the work for which the software is required.

These costs may include customized commercially available software, but only if the customized software becomes public domain and the sponsor makes it available to any user without cost beyond handling costs.

It is anticipated that the costs of this software will normally be incurred by the sponsor’s consultant because the consultant is performing the technical work. The cost for sponsor acquisition of software is not allowable unless it is approved by the ADO for force account work.

The costs of ongoing data subscription services, such as those needed for a noise monitoring program, are not allowable. The sponsor is also responsible for the costs of any ongoing vendor service costs that may be needed to access FAA surveillance tracking data.

MySmartPlans Project:  Juneau Airport Taxiway Rehabilitation

MySmartPlans is working with the Juneau Airport (JIA) on the rehabilitation of taxiways A, D1, E. We will give a brief overview of this project and show the dashboard JIA is using to streamline their documents.

 Our Roundtable Discussion Features:

Shelley Armato
CEO, MySmartPlans
Kelvin Solco, P.E., MBA
President, The Solco
Group & former FAA SW
Regional Administrator
Tatum Epperson
VP of Marketing and Sales, MySmartPlans
Naomi Hobbs, P.E.
Transportation Engineering Manager, DOWL

We hope you can join us for what will surely be a stimulating discussion.

What:    Airport Improvement Program Software Eligibility Roundtable Discussion

When:   Friday, October 30 at 1:00 Central Time

Where:  Online via GoToMeeting
              (the link will be sent separately prior to the meeting to prevent hackers)

Cost:     Free!

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