Kelvin L. Solco – Chief Executive Officer / President at The Solco Group

Written by Shelley Armato

Kelvin L. Solco, P.E., MBA was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a cooperative education student engineer at the tender age of 19. Kelvin quickly developed a passion for the aviation and transportation industry during his first day on the job. After college graduation, Kelvin quickly became proficient in the design of air navigational aids, basic airport planning and engineering, airspace analysis, and airport design standards. Kelvin learned the aviation industry quickly because he enjoyed researching government documents and regulations including FAA Orders and Advisory Circulars.

Kelvin rose through the ranks of the FAA on a journey he calls, “from the bottom of the FAA to the top of the FAA”! This is his way of describing his promotions from a civil engineer, to airports engineer, airports program manager, regional associate program manager, Airports assistant division manager, and finally an FAA Senior Executive.

After an illustrious 36-year FAA career, Kelvin retired and formed The Solco Group, LLC.

The Solco Group, LLC (TSG) fulfills Kelvin’s dream to create and manage an aviation and transportation planning, engineering, and research consulting firm that takes his knowledge, experiences, and resources and shares it with his peers, clients, airport owners, A/E firms, private corporations, and other organizations. Kelvin and his team members enjoy assisting clients with aviation planning, airport design requirements, airspace analysis recommendations, technical advice, problem solving, meeting facilitation, and subject matter expert team support. During a conversation with Kelvin, you are likely to hear him say, “We can help you with everything inside the airport fence”!

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