Rebuilding with Shelley Armato | Dominick Armato MySmartPlans

Written by Shelley Armato

On this episode of Rebuilding with Shelley, Dominick Armato joins to talk about his early days in the construction industry, to consulting and the creation of MySmartPlans.

MySmartPlans is THE document management breakthrough of our generation. It is a secure trusted third-party document control system that balances the access to security ratio brilliantly.

MySmartPlans is mandated by insurance carriers to support complete transparency.

MySmartPlans is utilized by owners, architects, and general contractors. The time capsule that is created allows for top yield in the secondary market, mitigates risk, and eliminates the need for unlimited discovery.

MySmartPlans guarantees that the most current information is at hand, by pushing updates to every participant’s desktop.

MySmartPlans provides transparency, reduces/eliminates paper, printing & delivery expenses, and manages information for easy collaboration. It has been used on hundreds of projects throughout the country and continues to gain accolades from clients and customers alike.

Much of MySmartPlans project success is due to the accelerated decision-making it creates on construction projects; ultimately saving time and money, allowing the project schedule to be pushed as much as 30%.

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