Sustainable Construction and I-LinCP | Carol Warkoczewski

Written by Shelley Armato

Carol M. Warkoczewski is a registered architect for over 40 years, proven leader, facilitator, speaker, and visionary. Her current focus is on sustainability in construction. She recently retired as the City Architect for the City of San Antonio and is the executive director of San Antonio 2030 District. Ensuring all projects are sustainable in San Antonio, creating strategies, tools, and techniques, to help reduce our carbon footprint, have cleaner air, use less water, and to incorporate nature. Their focus is to help our environment and for the continued resilience for ourselves and the environment.

Carol started a non-profit called Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects to share information and bring construction teams together. Their August 2022 conference will be focused on sustainability. Additionally, Carol started her own company, Synergy Builders Consulting in which she still runs.

What if construction projects thought about “how can I help?” “When people don’t trust each other, and people stop communicating, that is when the troubles start.”

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