1/3 the cost & 12X faster deployment than competing solutions, we get you in control, FAST.

Construction Project Management Software

The Revolution of Certainty in Documentation

NNSA National Security Campus Development Project

Our Project Information Manager Works With You!

Our team works empowers you throughout the project by making sure all your documents are accessible, organized, and advises on any potential issues before they arise keeping you on time and under budget. Look like a hero at any level with MySmartPlans!

Revolutionary Transparency

We organize and deliver project information to all project team participants instantly and automatically. We also provide feedback and information as the project moves giving you more than just the data. This transparency revolution holds everyone accountable and gives reach to vital information with just a few clicks. Best of all? No metatags!

Transformation begins with an organized strategic document management plan ensuring all stakeholders are provided with the same information. Communication through transparency is the key to eliminating finger pointing, budget overruns, under delivered projects and corrupt change orders.

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Lightning Speed

MySmartPlans is all about speed. Our system is so easy to use, you can learn everything you need to know in under an hour. Our close outs and redline documents are instantaneous when you’re finished your project. Best of all, we can get you up and running with our system in under 48 hours.

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Top to Bottom Savings

Being efficient means we cut the fat right out. Our system is one third of the price of comparable software plus your Project Information Manager (PIM) helps you manage the project and documents to keep you moving. We tailor the system to your needs quickly and without breaking the bank. Not only that, but we can help you find cost savings in the build itself.

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Protected for 50 Years

MySmartPlans is disrupting litigation and discovery while demanding integrity in every project. Imagine everyone being on the same page.  Today can be the day the flag of transparency is raised. Our archived documents are ready and accessible for the next 50 years long after the build is done.

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Powerful Control

MySmartPlans has transformed major projects like the Jefferson City Courthouse, a National Nuclear Security Administration project among thousands more. We provide tools to build redlines, turnover and facility document commissioning simply and quickly. Every MySmartPlans project is customized to your needs, no cookie cutters involved. Searchable PDF documents are delivered with an unlimited site license, archived for 50 years and all your project information is overseen by our fulltime staff.Construction Document Management Software

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