Tear the Veil!

MySmartPlans was developed from field experience. During the romance stage of selling or buying a construction project everyone is "friends". The general contractors romance the buyer, pretending to be a transparent company. MySmartPlans knows better! This transparency stops the minute the contract is signed. The owners are then locked out of the "system" and given only what the general contractor wants them to know and see. MySmartPlans arms the owners with truth, knowledge, and accountability. MySmartPlans supports all document types, our PIMS are there for one mission, to support integrity of the documents. MySmartPlans audits all documents to ensure complete knowledge is passed to all stakeholders. One instance a large project was going to bid, our PIMS audited and found 100 pieces of missing information, cuts that did not lead to details, missing sheets, just to name a few. YOU can not afford to build without us! Another instance a Hospital was bidding, we found ourselves answering phone calls about the SPEC, why was the bid seven times higher? Our advice was to search the SPEC for warranties. A warranty was being asked with a deliverable security. The General Contractor was using this project to set precedence for a new project. This hospital would have not had the ability to uncover the dishonesty! It is TIME for a new way, a better way! Build with True Transparency and Accountability, build with facts not gut feelings, protect the project with knowledge! Corruption needs to be a thing of the past!

MySmartPlans was developed by a group of industry professionals that battled the status quo of trying to manage all of the project information needs with expensive and complicated software tools, unorganized SharePoint sites and paper. Lots of paper. Paper, emails, FTP sites, Planrooms, and complicated and expensive enterprise-wide solutions were not fulfilling the need for a simple, powerful, easy-to-use solution to ensure information would be seamlessly and automatically delivered to all project team members while creating an archive of everything that lives on long after the project is complete. Software, coupled with our unique PIM model ensures consistent, organized and quality information — creating a solution that changes the way construction projects are managed.

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Community Work & Affiliations

  • Tony Robbins Platinum Partners
  • City Union Mission, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Member, Greater Kansas City, Missouri Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Vistage
  • Founder, Kansas City Cleans Up for the Crown 2014


  • 2009 City Union Mission, CEO of the Year – Shelley Armato
  • 2009 KC Business Journal, Women Who Mean Business – Shelley Armato
  • 2009-2010 NAWICRegion 6 “Vision of Excellence” Award
  • 2010 eWomen Network, Fearless Women Recipient – Shelley Armato
  • 2010 NAWIC Greater Kansas City, Missouri “Crystal Vision” Award
  • 2010 Start KC, Be the VC Award (Outstanding Vision)
  • 2011 Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc., 25 Under 25
  • 2011 WIPP and AT&T, Innovator of the Year Award
  • 2012 Vistage Award
  • 2014 Rule Breaker Award
  • 2015 KC Magazine Influential Woman Award – Shelley Armato

Our Clients

Executive Team

Shelley Armato

Shelley Armato is president and CEO of Marathon Digital Services, spearheading the introduction of the revolutionary technology into construction sites around the country. A professional realtor and dynamic speaker, Shelley is an ardent supporter of City Union Mission and was named a member of the 2009 team of ‘Women Who Mean Business’ by the Kansas City Business Journal. Shelley is an action-oriented, passionate advocate for her business, her family, and her community.

Dominick Armato

Dominick Armato is a lifelong entrepreneur. The Kansas City native has more than 35 years experience in commercial painting as owner of Northeast Painting. As Vice President, he utilizes his experience as an entrepreneur in the construction and design industry to advocate for increased transparency, efficiency, and cost-savings in the construction process. Dominick brings a wealth of construction expertise to Marathon Digital Services in his role of Vice President.
Vice President

James Johnston

James is a skilled software developer with experience in writing clear and concise code in many languages across multiple platforms. He has his Bachelor of Science from Southeast Missouri State University in Computer Science, with a minor in Physics. After graduating, he moved to Kansas City and started working for Marathon Digital Services as a Project Information Manager. Today, he manages their Development Department. James has a proven track record for success and helping everyone around him excel.

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