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Brenda Radmacher is a Lead on Construction Litigation for Anchorman LLP with over 25 years of experience. She focuses her practice on construction law, working as a counselor, litigator, and noted speaker on issues involving landowners, developers, general contractors, and design professionals.

Brenda was the Lead Construction Attorney of the Homeowners Association Receiver on the Champlain Towers collapse case in the Miami suburb of Surfside, Florida. This was quite possibly the largest settlement in construction cases in the United States. It ended with an incredibly fast resolution, taking less than a year.

Construction projects should act in a preventative manner to justify the cost of getting documents managed. Time and effort can be saved later in getting things organized and paying to obtain data upfront. Spending millions on tracking down documents after the fact is an uphill battle, instead of collecting documentation in a preventative manner.

The Better You Communicate, the Fewer Problems You Will Have | Brenda Radmacher Podcast Guest

Kelvin L. Solco, P.E., MBA was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a cooperative education student engineer at the tender age of 19. Kelvin quickly developed a passion for the aviation and transportation industry during his first day on the job. After college graduation, Kelvin quickly became proficient in the design of air navigational aids, basic airport planning and engineering, airspace analysis, and airport design standards. Kelvin learned the aviation industry quickly because he enjoyed researching government documents and regulations including FAA Orders and Advisory Circulars.

Kelvin rose through the ranks of the FAA on a journey he calls, “from the bottom of the FAA to the top of the FAA”! This is his way of describing his promotions from a civil engineer, to airports engineer, airports program manager, regional associate program manager, Airports assistant division manager, and finally an FAA Senior Executive.

After an illustrious 36-year FAA career, Kelvin retired and formed The Solco Group, LLC.

The Solco Group, LLC (TSG) fulfills Kelvin’s dream to create and manage an aviation and transportation planning, engineering, and research consulting firm that takes his knowledge, experiences, and resources and shares it with his peers, clients, airport owners, A/E firms, private corporations, and other organizations. Kelvin and his team members enjoy assisting clients with aviation planning, airport design requirements, airspace analysis recommendations, technical advice, problem solving, meeting facilitation, and subject matter expert team support. During a conversation with Kelvin, you are likely to hear him say, “We can help you with everything inside the airport fence”!

Kelvin L. Solco – Chief Executive Officer / President at The Solco Group

An Experience-Maker, Motivational Leadership, Sales and Safety Events Speaker Elizabeth McCormick will entertain and motivate your audience, while sneak attacking lessons throughout to train your people to step forward as leaders in the workplace and in their personal lives. As a sought-after keynote speaker, Elizabeth teaches from her professional life, sharing stories about her time spent as a decorated Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot and Chief Warrant Officer 2 for the US Army.

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Elizabeth McCormick, US Army (Ret.) – Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot

Mr. Kalayjian is a Managing Director at Secretariat with 35 years of analytical expertise for complex capital improvement programs around the world. He specializes in program management systems and controls, fraud investigations, financial damage analytics, forensic accounting, root-cause analytics, environmental risk remediation, cost estimating, quantum and damages analysis, dispute resolution, litigation support, and expert testimony. He has first-hand insights into why construction projects succeed, how they fail, lessons learned, and powerful ways to translate complicated technical issues into plain English.

Mr. Kalayjian has been a licensed Professional Engineer (Civil and Structural) since the 1980s. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, lectures at the University of Southern California, and is a Technical Expert for the California Department of Consumer Affairs and its Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists. Mr. Kalayjian is a Senior Advisor for a private equity fund in Manhattan. And a Board Member for a mid-sized engineering company in South Florida, where he provides operational guidance. He has provided expert testimony in Federal and State courts across the United States.

At MIT, he studied and wrote about “Skyscraper Technology in Manhattan: 1930 to 1990” for his research thesis. He was part of the construction team that moved a historic lighthouse on Cape Cod National Seashore in 1995, where his engineering drawings are on display at the Highland Light Museum.

Wayne Kalayjian – Addicted to Courage


Jason “Jay” Redman joined the Navy on September 11, 1992. He began his naval career at boot camp in Orlando, Florida.

On September 13, 2007, while acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High-Value Individual LT Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire. He along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as multiple rounds to his helmet, Night Vision Goggles, body armor, and weapon, Jason and his Team fought valiantly winning the fight, ensuring everyone came home alive.

While recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, LT Redman wrote and hung a bright orange sign on his door. It became a statement and symbol for wounded warriors everywhere. This sign gained national recognition and earned LT Redman and his family an invitation to meet President George W. Bush in the Oval Office. The original sign on the door, signed by President Bush, now hangs in the Wounded Ward at the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda.

Today, Jason has expanded his programs with his focus on helping individuals, companies, and teams to “GET OFF THE X” ™ from “Life Ambushes. He provides, speaking, workshops, online programs, executive coaching, and business consulting to businesses around the world. Additionally, he provides group coaching through his “Get off the X Training and Overcome Army™ group coaching programs.

Jason has appeared on numerous national news networks including Fox News, CBS, CNN, and CBN. He has appeared frequently on Fox and Friends and the Huckabee show. Jason has appeared in multiple documentaries including History Channel’s, Navy SEALs, and America’s Secret Warriors.

To learn more about Jason visit:

Lt. Jason Redman, US Navy (Ret.) – What does the sign on your door say?

On this episode of Rebuilding with Shelley, Dominick Armato joins to talk about his early days in the construction industry, to consulting and the creation of MySmartPlans.

MySmartPlans is THE document management breakthrough of our generation. It is a secure trusted third-party document control system that balances the access to security ratio brilliantly.

MySmartPlans is mandated by insurance carriers to support complete transparency.

MySmartPlans is utilized by owners, architects, and general contractors. The time capsule that is created allows for top yield in the secondary market, mitigates risk, and eliminates the need for unlimited discovery.

MySmartPlans guarantees that the most current information is at hand, by pushing updates to every participant’s desktop.

MySmartPlans provides transparency, reduces/eliminates paper, printing & delivery expenses, and manages information for easy collaboration. It has been used on hundreds of projects throughout the country and continues to gain accolades from clients and customers alike.

Much of MySmartPlans project success is due to the accelerated decision-making it creates on construction projects; ultimately saving time and money, allowing the project schedule to be pushed as much as 30%.

Learn more at

Rebuilding with Shelley Armato | Dominick Armato MySmartPlans

Ellen Cruz found a challenge in the construction industry and decided she wanted to do something about it just like Shelley.

You can’t build a project with manipulated data, build with integrity, build for the future! Construction has changed for the better with technology, but data needs to be tracked so the norm isn’t incomplete projects. Like what happened with Belfour Betty’s government military dorm build.


We have the technical capability to LEARN from our MISTAKES and BUILD BETTER. Sustainability, environmentalism, and ensuring airports are running no matter what mother nature does. Also, ensuring all facilities work in an airport and how that can be correctly done. Every minute detail of an airport project needs to be in one location for easy management and upkeep. Eliminate Data Silos on a project and create full data for the future of the project!

Construct for the Future with Complete Data | Guest Ellen Crews

Be a Podcast Guest on Rebuilding with Shelly Armato