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  • information governance
  • risk mitigation
  • digital twin Integration for Facilities Management 

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  • $1 Million of Coverage in pre-discovery for Litigation Expenses
  • On Average, you will obtain an 18 to 1 ROI for Every Dollar Spent
  • Project will Average on Budget and on Schedule 93.3% of the Time
  • 6.4% of our Projects Complete Ahead of Schedule

Allie | Senior Digital Information Librarian

Project Managers

Every MySmartPlans project comes with a dedicated Digital Information Librarian (DIL). The DIL is at the intersection of all project data. All data is organized, audited, and vetted from multiple systems. DILs perform the data entry that allows team members to easily access the data via the MySmartPlans Construction Management Software Dashboard.

Integration Across the Board

The MySmartPlans construction project management software handles every phase of your projects. Our superior project management tools are created for pre-construction, through construction, to closeout. With MySmartPlans, each project has its own custom-built dashboard specialized to that project's needs.

MySmartPlans gathers information from systems such as Kuaha, Procore, Excel, BIM 360, and other industry standards. Immediately after information is imported, your MySmartPlans Digital Librarian team audits, organizes, and archives all data.

MySmartPlans includes unlimited users, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth. We are file agnostic, which drives accountability and transparency. 

Remove Data Silos

Our world is data-driven. Organizations have data spread out across different departments and silos. Many issues may arise as companies store data within these silos. Some of those issues include duplicate entries, human error, and time wasted trying to find said information. This makes it difficult to get a holistic view of the business and make informed decisions. The disconnect isolates users and damages the collaborative work of teams. Eliminating these data silos is essential for making better business decisions and driving growth.

With MySmartPlans, our DILs consolidate the data from all departments and systems. This allows for easy collaboration and clear communication on any project.

Digital Twin of Your Asset Day One!  

Every job you do is important. Maintaining documents for each completed construction project is essential, but a real hassle. MySmartPlans creates the digital twin of your project on day one. This allows you to access the pre-audited and smart data to run your facility, and not have to wait for closeout information.

With our Smart Rooms, all project owners feel at peace that their staff will have the information they’ll need. It can be as easy as showing a QR code. This immediately brings up the needed information without having to look on a server or searching to find the drive it is stored on.  

Here is the Proof

Kevin King  Project Manger for Army Corp of Engineers

"MySmartPlans has created visibility where there has not been in the past, especially for DHA. Because MSP audits, organizes, and presents project information in one location, the project is saving time and money. I did not say this at the out brief, but MSP has also held the contractor accountable. Because MSP takes part in the Project Delivery Team (PDT) meetings and reviews the minutes before posting them on their dashboard, they have been able to catch incorrect or omitted information by the contractor. Additionally, because MSP manages the Supplemental Information (SI) review/comments sessions, similar to ProjcNet, MSP has contacted me before simply following the request of the contractor to reopen a comment session. These are two examples I’m aware of, but there are probably more."

Regarding the FY19 Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB) Medical Treatment Facility SRM project in Idaho

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