Written by Shelley Armato

20,000 leagues under the sea ride Walt Disney World was so fun as a child. I remember being alarmed to see the top of the boat after I stepped out of the ride, I felt like I was 20,000 feet under the water. Just like construction, it appears to be a well-organized machine. As one hospital project told me, they were a well-oiled machine.  I replied, “yes ma’am you are!”  We believed the illusion that they knew all they needed to know on the project, until stepping off the ride.

Stepped off the ride, or being the gatekeeper of all data, we see it all. We are the prime ministers of digital governance; this is not the norm. Everyone is gunning for your reserve, contingency, change orders, and many other items the team will never know!

All data matters on construction projects.

As one government official said, “I do the best I can, however, I have 10,000 sheets of pure hell, I can’t find anything, managing the digital nightmare sometimes resulted in ‘just print this set,’ then it turns into 10,000 sheets of pure paper hell! “

I find it humorous that one Government official was “offended” by my use of the word corruption. As if she had some superpower to know when she is a pawn on the chess board. I say to you, take the Queen Position. Being arrogant only costs the project money, and yes until now you were on a ride, Disney could not even imagine such a ride. It would be a roller coaster of hell, it would cost you your joy, your family, and your money!  

Let’s create the best deliverable, let’s support everyone having the same chess board, and allow all team members to see the next move. Ask better questions, eliminate risk, build faster, and give time back to the project

Join me,

Shelley Armato

“The Prime Minister of Digital Governance!”

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