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About MySmartPlans

     Our clients are used to seeing an 18 to 1 return on their investment with MySmartPlans. Are you ready for that kind of cost savings? Our software is paired with our Digital Librarians, giving you the fuel to improve project transparency, accountability, more informed decision making. Deliver projects on time and under budget

Our Story

Shelley Armato and Dominick Armato

Shelley is the Founder and CEO of MySmartPlans. Her husband Dominick is Co-founder and President. They suffered firsthand the effects of chaos in the industry. Dominick, a 45-year contractor, was wildly successful and one project with insufficient data caused them to shut the doors on that company. But they rose again and reinvented the construction industry by streamlining the business.

MySmartPlans is a software-as-a-service solution with a human-assisted AI that creates transparency, organization, and efficiency in construction projects. They are the driving force behind Data Governance, which mitigates the risk associated with insufficient document oversight. MySmartPlans has been improving the industry for 16 years and has a revenue aggregate of over 19 billion dollars. Build on time, on schedule and pre-audited data double as pre-discovery files for preventing litigation!

Hi, I'm Shelley Armato

ceo of MySmartPlans

I created MySmartPlans and we are streamlining the construction industry, eliminating chaos and stopping construction litigation! I have a passion in everything I do and won't stop until the industry works together. I also host the Podcast Rebuilding with Shelley Armato. Additionally, I founded the Courage Coalition in 2011, which knows that if one person shares their courage, they can change the world.

Honors & Awards


Kansas Women-Owned Businesses 2017


 New York Rule Breakers 2015  

Breaking Old Rules in Construction, providing transparency in a world where cost over runs are created by limited transparency.


 Twenty Five - 25    honor date 2012 


City Union Mission   

MySmartPlans took on the mission of the homeless and hungry, preparing, purchasing, and providing meals for over 15,000 men. 


Biz Journal 2009


National Association of Women in Construction 2009-2010 Region 6

How We Do It


The true secret to MySmartPlans' extreme efficiency lies with our Digital Librarians / Project Information Managers. These are real staff members in our office that handle day-to-day data entry and project upkeep task. They ensure your team spends more time truly managing your project instead of managing the information. Digital Librarians ensure all data is collected, updated, organized, audited, searchable, and available in real-time. 


Our software eliminates information silos. MySmartPlans will communicate with all teams to ensure all data is centralized. Whether that be your General Contractor’s system, Architect’s system, or your own accounting software, we build the bridges necessary to keep everyone up to date in real time. Once construction wraps, all of the data inside of MySmartPlans is effortlessly imported into your facilities management program.


Easily delegate tasks to your team members with our workflow management processes. Processing RFI’s and Submittals is easier than ever. Full reporting capabilities are built in for easy customization of your reports and logs. This functionality extends to the field, with the ability to produce and store progress reports (and any other reports) that your project managers need to track and measure the success of your projects. Integrating these tools on your projects allows your team to remain hyper-focused on budgetschedule and delivery.


During the planning and design stages of your projects, MySmartPlans will drastically increase ease of communication and overall transparency. Our Smart Review module allows a team of collaborators to work together on review efforts. Reduce time spent collaborating and minimize do-overs and gaps in communication. Plus our team of Digital Librarians get your team trained and ready prior to construction


Once construction begins, our team of Digital Librarians aggregate and organize your project data. Expect a cohesive, audited, easy to utilize set of current drawings that include linked RFI’s and Submittals. MySmartPlans is a complete record of all work completed on your projects. Types of data captured by MySmartPlans are limitless, including anything from 3D models to the reports your engineering consultants will be creating during testing periods


In order to ensure a cohesive & seamless closeout process, our Digital Librarians plan and prep from day one of engagement. All information is turned over in a searchable and user friendly format. We enable your facilities team to retrieve the data they need in an instant - drastically reducing the time it takes to diagnose issues and repair equipment on-site. Smart Rooms take this ease of use to the next level, giving your facilities staff the ability to access maintenance data using a photograph or drawing of an asset.

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