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Aviation Knowledge

MySmartPlans is AIP (Airport Improvement Program) Fully Funded Grant Eligible!

Manage Your Aviation Program from One Location

With a slew of individual projects falling underneath your Master Plan, it can be difficult to comprehensively track all data. With MySmartPlans, track down all data - allowing you to remain hyper-focused on your project’s budget and schedule. Our Digital Information Librarians organize and update your aviation project’s information, so your team can spend more time managing your projects in the field. Collaborating outside software systems, design-build contractor’s system, or design team’s software of choice; we organize all the project information into one system. 

Data Transfer to Facilities

Once construction wraps on your projects, MySmartPlans becomes the living archive for all project aviation data. Easily update the information associated with your equipment and track renovations for the foreseeable future. All the Digital Twin data is quickly and effortlessly accessible for facilities team members, so issues and potential issues can be addressed in a timely and cost-effective fashion. 

Prepare for Discovery from Day One

Regardless of the size of your project, your information needs to be kept in the hands for a third-party custodian organized, named according to the naming conventions and secure. Our team of IT and Digital Information Librarian professionals are experts at the security compliance necessary to meet strict data regulations imposed by the governing bodies of the aviation industry. 

Real Time Audit Reporting

Every program is different, so our reporting structures are built based on client specifications to ensure that we’re capturing the data YOU need to complete YOUR projects. These reports range from RFI’s, Submittals, ORAT readiness, project budget and more. We are a verified knowledge platform.

Kansas City Aviation Department

The Kansas City Aviation Department brought MySmartPlans onto the team for their $1.5 billion dollar ground up build of a new single terminal airport. MySmartPlans is being utilized to ensure proper document control and tracking for the construction process and will be fully integrated into operational procedures and maintenance staff best practices.