Written by Shelley Armato

Those who have been on projects with MySmartPlans, know how smoothly a project will run! Those intelligent people work to get us on every project they can. But when we are not included on your project, we hear the complaints! We hear how your current system doesn’t work.

After a superintendent meeting, (for a project not using MSP) we heard “we need our Approved Submittals posted”, “we need to be able to hold the architect accountable”, “drawings need to be organized,” and “where do we find these solutions?” We are your answer.

WE get it, we know that your biggest fear is looking like you don’t have all the answers. We also know that you can’t have all the answers without our deliverable.

Who do you trust?  The documents are the majesty of the delivery, the assets of the building, however it is the least tracked asset.  Litigation looms, jobs lost, companies closed.


Rewrite your deliverable. audited, secure, and organized is the only way to build!

Empower your project, protect your reputation, build with knowledge, Stop sweating the small stuff!

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