Closing Time: One Last Call for Warranties

Written by Luke Fowler, C.M.

You and your team have finally made it!

Your new state-of-the-art baggage handling system (BHS) is finally complete and ready to be commissioned. But now you must face the onerous task of completing the closeout for the project and obtaining spare parts. This could be anything from requesting operational manuals, training staff, testing all the working components, and hunting down airport construction warranties you were owed due to the scope of the project. And of course, you must do all of this while ensuring the warranty for all the components of the BHS is still valid.

The documentation you receive from contractors can be in the form of physical paper documents or digital files stored on an internal SharePoint site. Many times documents or spare parts simply go missing due to the number of stakeholders involved in the project or the lack of a central storage location for all project data. Or even worse, contractors could deceitfully withhold closeout items to make you pay more money when you request them in the future.

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This won’t happen at MY airport

The absence of critical closeout documentation and spare parts can increase project costs by tens of thousands of dollars per project. Airports are not invincible to incomplete data or missing parts. Not to mention the endless hours of office work involved in going through lists manually. You are trying to inventory everything you’ve received from the contractor thus far, with nothing more than a highlighter and pen (believe me I’ve been there). This doesn’t even consider the adverse operational implications if the BHS can’t be commissioned in time due to a missing part or document. All at the expense of the airport’s bottom line, airline station managers, passengers, and most importantly: YOUR reputation.

Why Risk an Increase in Project Costs and Time Wasted

Is there a way to mitigate the risk?

At MySmartPlans, we understand closeout can be a daunting task. But with MySmartPlans, you get airport construction closeouts completed quickly and efficiently. We have a team of experts who work with you to gather all the necessary documentation and information. Even better, we keep track of documents and items your written agreement states you are owed at the closeout of the project. And if there are any spare parts that you were owed, we track them down and link all the warranty information for those parts within our system t no additional cost. In short, we are there with you every step of the way to ensure a successful facility closeout.

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Where do I even start?

It all begins with a designated process to maintain data collection.

  • Our Project Information Managers (PIMs) meet with your team’s project leaders. This includes but is not limited to members of the airport construction department, planning department, or general contractors.
  • PIMs identify the key members from these groups to see where documents are being generated and how data interfaces with specific project systems.
  • Next, a custom Project Dashboard is built with input from the airport construction project team.
  • Finally, MySmartPlans provides system training, technical support, a plan holder list, site maps, and other relevant information in your project’s Digital Library. Our PIMs work directly with general contractors, architects, subcontractors, and consultants to ensure airport development information is accurate.

Your project is ready, so sit back and watch our PIMs collect, audit, link documents, and organize documentation. We create SmartRooms which creates QR code scanners in your airport for immediate access to warranties, O&M manuals, training videos, contracts, utilities, and more for maintaining facilities management. Inluding every little piece of instruction, including engineering diagrams and specifications. This can be as specific as concrete condition indexes, runway safety handbooks, a grant agreement, land acquisition permits, airport layout plans, repair receipts, and bid information. Everything is accessible for retrieval, anywhere and anytime.

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Why does my airport development project need this?

We give you a single source of truth for all construction project data, which you and your team can easily access at any time. Our software as a service is designed for utilization from the design, to bidding, construction, and through closeout and facility management. Furthermore, the MySmartPlans system ensures all construction warranty, installation, construction, and facilities management information is well organized and up to date. This eliminates incidental costs that try to surprise you down the line and we have proven to protect against litigation.

What are the limitations?

Our software is intuitive for stakeholders to use and only requires approximately 30-minutes of training. We allow an unlimited number of users and no annual subscription fee and we are not limited to baggage handling systems either. Our software is a customized solution for airport development of all shapes and sizes. From taxiway access roads to complete terminal rehabs, we do it all.

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Can you help me beyond closeout?

Our services are included after project closeout completion! Our Project Information Managers are always available to assist with data maintenance, software management, customer support, document organization, and new feature integration. We continuously work with you to ensure your project’s information is always accurate, even after the project ends. Plus, we have a 50-year project data guarantee. Your project information will always be available for your facilities and other key personnel, long after airport construction concludes.

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But what about other aspects of construction?

If you’re an airport construction project manager, you know a construction management plan is essential. MySmartPlans helps with that too! We are experts in data collection and interface with all project systems through all phases of construction. Your Project Dashboard includes all the relevant information for your project from the design phase to the closeout process. If we start working with you in a later phase of your project, we even go back and retroactively compile, check, and organize documents in your dashboard.

MySmartPlans is AIP (Airport Improvement Program) Fully Funded, Grant Eligible Airport Development Software.

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Don’t you want your project delivered on time, on budget, with everything you asked for? Plus eliminate the headache of trying to keep track of every document. To learn more about how we will help with your airport construction project, contact us today for a free demo!

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