Create Transparency and Prove You Can Be Trusted

Written by Shelley Armato

I attended a conference in Nashville this week. General Contractors look at me like I am an alien or a villain, and me speaking on behalf of the trade creeps them out. The dreaded eye roll, attitudes, and the shrug of the shoulder. And you think that will stop us from continuing to help spread truth and transparency in the industry? No, it identifies you as one of the problems.

YES, I am a minority-owned business, they try to call me disadvantaged and a woman (like that is a bad word). But others call me a powerhouse, determined to transform construction, and I am positioned to be on every project in the US and potentially the world.


TRANSPARENCY is an overused word because proof, of actual transparency, is the key. Show me how you are achieving transparency on your project, I am from Missouri, we are the show me state.  MySmartPlans supports the projects in which everyone wins. GC, your time has come, YOU CAN PROVE YOU ARE TO BE TRUSTED AND PROTECT YOUR PROFITS FROM LITIGATION.


Some might consider it embarrassing when someone stops by your booth for a photo opportunity, I was kind of shocked. Until they said, “We have to meet you, you have huge balls”. 


I don’t have huge balls, I have a heart for people, I believe that fair play can happen in construction, I believe that if we don’t ruffle feathers, we won’t change. I say I am on a mission for good, JOIN ME!

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