Enhancing Your Project’s Communication Streams

Written by Shelley Armato

Have you ever heard the sentiment “ignorance is bliss”? In the construction industry, no statement has ever been less true – IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. Industry professionals typically lean on their general contractor for the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their schedule, budget and methods of delivery, but in the owner’s seat it’s crucial to remain engaged and on top of potential delays and cost related issues. So, this begs the question, “Am I missing something?” Ask yourself the questions below:

  1. Am I being notified when something or someone changes my project documents?
  2. Do I feel in the know when I sit down at my OAC meeting?
  3. Do I look for my relevant project data inside of a convoluted software system or server?

It’s important to know when a situation arises in your construction program that changes someone’s scope – because it will probably affect your budget. So how do we know there’s enough visibility into the inner workings of our projects to feel like we understand what all is going on, and we have the intelligence we need to make educated decisions? Without an efficient stream of communication, it becomes harder and harder to get your eight hours of sleep every night – trust us, we know. Sometimes in all the shuffle, lines get blurred and people get left out of important conversations – so how do we keep this from happening?

Ultimately, we believe MySmartPlans is the solution! With push notifications, MSP will always keep you as an end user in the loop when your documents change or alter in any way. Your Project Information Manager is responsible for establishing clear channels of communication with your design-build teams to ensure that every single change that takes place on your project is routed through and captured inside of MySmartPlans. This includes current project documents, allowing for change management, version control and drawing redlines when necessary. The best part is that all of this becomes part of our seamless closeout process.

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