Full Transparency in Construction | Guest Thom Kurmel

Written by Chelsea Johnston

Thom Kurmel is the President at TDK Consulting, LLC with over 35 years of experience in construction, design, planning, and management focusing on health systems.

– The Construction industry is old-fashioned and proud. Design and construction need to work and collaborate together.

– These construction contracts are a business relationship; you should want to share and solve problems together. But that can’t be done if people hide information.

– Everyone comes from a different place on a project, and some people are really experienced and sometimes people aren’t. The industry needs to bring inexperienced people from a defensive stance to an offensive one and not act as if they know what they are doing.

– People manage the requirement, by getting good information and keeping people apprised throughout the project, and putting it to use.

– The documents the owners end up with are often incomplete or useless.

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