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Program Management Software to Enhance Your Best Practices

With potentially classified or SBU information on government projects, it is crucial to partner with a software provider that understands and has experience with the specifics of meeting hosting and firewall requirements. MySmartPlans has experience meeting those challenges and deploying our easy to use and track software interface. With tools like workflow management and drawing version control, MySmartPlans allows everyone involved on a project to get current information quickly and efficiently, so the project delivery team can drive home informed decisions.

NNSA Campus

Kansas City

In 2006 MySmartPlans partnered with the U.S. General Services Administration to bring the National Nuclear Security Administration campus to Kansas City. The NNSA NSC development project used MySmartPlans dashboards to manage all communications and documentation. At its peak, around 175 firms and more than 1000 users were accessing data managed by MySmartPlans project information managers.

All of the data was organized for easy access and kept up to date. In November of 2012 the first phase of construction was completed, this included 190 acres and over 1,000,000 square feet of buildings.

In 2014 the relocating of the NNSA was complete into their new facility. The project was a major success, being delivered early and within budget. The speed and efficiency of the project was thanks to the management and assistance MySmartPlans provided.

MySmartPlans technology was essential to the success of the project speeding it up and eliminating unnecessary costs.

MySmartPlans deliverable for the General Services Administration

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