Everything ranging from tracking the cost associated with each project underneath your construction program, to ensuring that all your construction information is generated in real time can be a tricky task. The good news is that MySmartPlans can help. Our MySmartCost module was built for, and built by, the healthcare industry and offers a robust set of tools that will help you track your projects in real time and report your progress to all major stakeholders.

Along with financial tracking, all your construction and closeout documents are tracked and reported on in real time as well - allowing facility owners to make educated and wise decisions surrounding their project’s health. Your general contractor will often bring their system of choice to the table but keeping track of all of your projects underneath your entire program inside of different systems that you don’t own can be incredibly cumbersome - let MySmartPlans become the central library for all information across your entire construction program. 

Catholic Health Initiatives

St. Mary's Community Hospital

In the case of Catholic Health Initiatives’ 110,000 square foot hospital facility, MySmartPlans was implemented to track all financial and construction documentation in real time throughout the entire life of the build. 

gordon malm

-national director healthcare design & national architect for chi-

MySmartPlans has done a good job of supporting us as we train staff and make some modifications in use of the software.

St. Mary's Community Hospital Healthcare

24 to 1 Return on Investment