I Wish We Had You on This Project

Written by Shelley Armato

The lonely phone call, “I wish we had you on this project.” It is never too late to organize, deliver facts and build without the looming fear of pre-discovery, the looming fear of losing everything. You might think this is just a problem for you. The truth is, the general contractor (GC) is also struggling They act like big man on campus; however, they are participating in the issue of misinformation.

I know your secrets, I know you are suffering with humility, embarrassment and being lied to, I understand until now you had to just deal with it.

How do I know?  I have been on the corporate jet flying to meet clients, selling the GC to the owner. They tell us we create massive wealth for them, 33% less staff, TRUSTED by the owner, turnover complete and ready to move on to the next job. They want us on the project for security.

How do I know?  Our phones ring 7 days a week asking for help. One call was from a GC wishing we were still on their projects. After supporting 68 of their projects, we were replaced by a software, they thought could do what we do (the rest of the story will be in our Netflix series).  The employees loved us. Yet, they do not have the GUTS to go tell the new CEO the replacement software was not anywhere near the support and organization they got from us! This is a particular scary story, the GSA was not going to take possession of this new project, the CG company had a huge dispute. If we would have been supporting this project, it would have been resolved in 10 minutes.  Facts matter, this GC was petrified for his position, he wanted to tell us all the issues. We knew it was a Saturday, we were trying to have a fun day, yet one more time we were consoling the GC. 

The challenge is the effect it has on your personal life, family, the looming of who will know, the fear of losing your job, all because you were used as a pawn on the chess board, the “game,” of construction.

I have personally been involved in over 1500 projects, audited billions of pages of documents. My team of digital Librarians know the issues, the hidden change orders, the request to change finalized documents.

It is ok, we are here to save the day, it is not too late.

Not one person can tell us they have it handled when it comes to ORGANIZED, TRANSPARENT, COLLOBRATION, we are the only solution for this delivery.

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