Your Digital Information Librarian

Every MySmartPlans software project comes with a dedicated Digital Information Librarian (DIL). Our DILs become a vital member of your team and take the burden of information management off your staff’s shoulders. The DIL is at the intersection of all information and communication, adding clarity, auditing mistakes, obtaining missing information, organizing, and optimizing.


Your Digital Information Librarian sets up and makes changes to your customizable project dashboard. Additionally, they manage and populate all project data, while continuously providing technical support and training to every member of the project.


Each Digital Information Librarian is an expert in project information management, electronic documents, and real-time data. They ensure disciplined processes are enforced and that data is complete and accurate.


Need your closeout documents? Have them today, not next year. Your Digital Information Librarian makes that happen – including but not limited to punch lists, O&M, warranty data training videos and full integration into your facilities management system.


All your project information is within one click of a user-friendly icon. MySmartPlans brings together project information from all participants into a single, collaborative virtual workroom - tracking changes, verifying requirements, and keeping plans up to date. How do we accomplish this? 


Does your project struggle with construction management software? When outdated information is all that lives in your software, it’s only a matter of time before users stop paying attention, and as a result mistakes are made. So, decide today, enough is enough! Our Digital Information Librarians organize, support data entry, gather knowledge from other systems, protect your project from costly litigation which protects your budget! Build to defend.


Construction is important but maintaining completed projects for the foreseeable future is equally important. MySmartPlans allows users to ensure that all transferred data will become available to maintenance staff the day construction is completed. With our Smart Rooms, project owners feel at peace that all information they’ll need is at the touch of a button.


MySmartPlans is built to meet all your deliverables, with each new phase of your projects. Whether brought on in pre-con, bidding, or construction; we build customized dashboards that makes perfect sense for your project’s needs. See our deliverable list below. 

Our MySmartPlans Deliverables are Impressive

File Exchange

MySmartPlans provides each project a private, unlimited FTP site called the File eXchange. File links may be sent to outside consultants with secure access to only the information you wish to share.

Redline Review

Redline Review is a project collaboration tool allowing project members to ask questions, redline drawings, post additional information, review specifications and communicate efficiently. Redline Review keeps track of these “informal” comments live which in turn saves thousands of dollars on courier and overnight expenses, all while moving the information in seconds instead of days. In addition, all comments are date and time‐ stamped and remain as part of the project archive.

BIM Review

BIM Review allows your team to collaborate on 3D Building models using only Adobe Reader. Comments are updated in real time and BIM Review supports over 64 different BIM model formats.


All drawings are full size, processed and bookmarked via the index page for ease of use and quality control. End users can order prints online with custom project centric print prices.    Plan details are linked to correct sheets, architectural change documents are inserted in the combined set to create a current set and all sheets are audited so mistakes are corrected before going out.

Color Sheet Comparison

This feature identifies changes to sheet revisions that have been issued. Any information on the sheet appearing in green indicates this is new information and did not appear on the previous version. Any information appearing in red has been removed from the previous version and any information appearing in black appears on both version of the sheet.


All 8.5 x 11 documents, including specifications, are fully searchable and bookmarked via the table of contents page for ease of use and quality control.


Addenda are pushed out to all planholders the day it is issued so that everyone has the same information at the same time.


MySmartPlans fully supports viewing 3D BIM models. These models can be pushed out to team members and everyone can have the ability to view the models.


Share CAD files with other members of design team.

Project Email Archive

This function allows you to copy project emails to a project specific email address, thus creating an archive of project emails. Emails can be organized and put into folders based on project requirements. All archived emails can be quickly searched via keywords to find any information related to your search needs.

Invitation to Bid

MySmartPlans takes over where ITB leaves off. When issuing out an ITB, email or public notice MySmartPlans creates a registration page for interested project members to register their companies, dynamically create the planholders list and allow access to download the MySmartPlans application.

Bid Questions

Project team members can ask questions directly through the dashboard so all the questions are archived, logged and Project Managers can review and respond to questions.

Bid Answers

Answers to the above questions are posted to MySmartPlans after Project Managers respond. All team members are now held accountable to answers as they are accessible by all team members and remain part of the archive.Item description

Upload Documents

Upload documents will allow users to upload documents or files directly to the dashboard.


Store any safety document, regulations, videos, or forms for anything related to safety and compliance.


Post project schedules for all project participants to review.


Display a weather forecast with archived records of weather information including precipitation, high and low temperatures, humidity, dew points, wind gusts and wind directions. Should an issue come up with weather delays, the historical information is quickly available.

Site Map

Site map information can be easily displayed, including dynamic driving directions to the site.


Use MySmartPlans to track LEED checklists, minutes and more or just link to your current LEED site. You can even link directly to the Green Building Council’s LEED tracking website.


 Store your daily, weekly or monthly site photos to the dashboard to view. MySmartPlans can be used to organize and catalog project photos, progress photos, inspection photos, site photos, aerial photos are any other photo that helps document the project. 


MySmartPlans can be used to store any videos related to your project. These could include site videos, safety videos, progress videos, inspection videos, pre‐bid meetings, or training videos.

Meeting Minutes

MySmartPlans can be used to store your meeting minutes, including OAC, pre‐install, progress minutes or any other meeting relevant to your project.


Punchlists can be stored for quick viewing and archiving.


Virtually any type of report can be stored and archived including observation reports, field reports, and inspection reports for quick viewing and archiving.


Vaults can be created to store any type of document including Architectural Supplemental Information (ASIs). Updated sheets are linked or updated into the current Plans set as well.

Change Orders

Vaults can be created to store any type of document including Change Orders.


Vaults can be created to store any type of document including Proposal Requests (PRs).


Vaults can be created to store any type of document including Request for Information (RFIs).


Vaults can be created to store any type of document including Submittals. We pull completed or open submittals from other system workflows to compile updated information in one location.

Planholder's List

MySmartPlans automatically generates a planholder’s list of all team participants. The list is easily searchable and team members can be easily emailed directly from the list.


SubmittalEZ is a web-based system used to manage the workflow process for submittals, RFIs, and other required workflows. It serves as a repository for managing and collaborating on construction documents.

Live Forms

This module allows you to fill out pre‐determined forms and have them submitted directly to the MySmartPlans project dashboard. These forms are customized based on your criteria. The form will also allow you to attach additional content such as photos or videos that can be attached to the form for viewing and archiving.


MySmartPlans can integrate with existing webcams or cameras so you are able to view the project from anywhere with web access.

As-Builts Live

Mark up your documents electronically and MySmartPlans will electronically slip sheet and link to the change documents. A digital As‐Built set can be created and you will have an accurate archive of exactly how the project was built.


SmartRoom service links graphical views with the corresponding electronic O&M Manuals. This pushbutton ease allows facilities managers to access critical information in seconds. Tie your finish schedule to the actual walls, doors or equipment.

3D Closeouts

This module allows you to manage your facilities via 3D building model. The system allows links that can be used to tie information such as warranties or O&M manuals directly to a piece of equipment. In addition, users can define a room and store any document or file in the room that relates to facilities management. Users have the ability to add, change or delete room content and can include such information as O&M manuals, warranties, photos, videos, As‐Built documents, shop drawings, maintenance schedules, maintenance logs, or submittals. Users have the ability to define category types for the room they are tracking.

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