Written by Shelley Armato

What is your superpower? What are your talents? What solutions do you create? What are you known for? How do others identify with you?

When I picture this for myself, I see a superwoman flying.

What is your superpower_social3 1-8-21.jpg


In the world where I live, I believe everyone wants to be known for something they do best. For me, fighting for all stakeholders to be able to share vetted organized information during construction is my superpower! Why did I unleash this superpower? Where did it come from?

Starting a company sounds so romantic. It’s so fun being the boss with unlimited power. Right? I have found some of this to be true, however, I have also had to dig deep to find in myself the ability to speak even when my voice shakes or to find words when I know I am standing in the face of attempted corruption on a project.

MySmartPlans allows everyone to be the smartest person in the room, with everyone unleashing their superpower, with, as Inspector Clouseau said best, “JUST THE FACTS.” Let my superpower spark and enable your superpower. #jointherevolution

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