Written by Shelley Armato

In today’s litigious market in construction, protecting assets supports peace of mind, however, how is that accomplished? PMIS (Project Management Information Systems) do not work, and paper, PDFs, and emails, still leave the issue of best supporting the project.

PMIS were developed to support, track, organize, and deliver information, but one essential part is missing: there’s a hole in the project’s knowledge.

MySmartPlans to the rescue! With MySmartPlans, your project only works with vetted, organized data; smart audit trails; and a 4:00 EOD report. Your information easy to access and the system is built to support all stakeholders, including the blue-collar trades. Current technologies have built bigger islands, led to PTSD for technology, and produce less trust and more corruption! So how could the fix be so simple? MySmartPlans prices per project, not on a seat license, and rules and permissions are set by the project owner. MSP is easy to use and removes the hours stakeholders spend on an average project looking for correct information on which to base essential decisions, which eliminates poor decision making and lost prosecution opportunities.

A funny story comes to mind: we supported a sizeable city hall for a large city, and the GC was miffed that the city had MySmartPlans on the project. In our first meeting, he shook his hand with anger asking why he would need us since he had his own system (everyone has their own system). In response, we quietly shared our demo, one button at a time. We showed the GC how MSP offers one click to access knowledge, that all data is smart and linked, how it offers PDF delivery and print on demand, outputs a planholders list with time and date stamp, offers weather tracking and submittal tracking with BIM model delivery, and how naming conventions are followed and tracked. He wasn’t convinced.

The project starts, and we hear from the GC quite a bit.:

  1. He calls and says he has a contractor who needs training, so MySmartPlans emails the contractor and sets up live training.
  2. He asks how to set up the SubmittalEZ module, so MySmartPlan helps him set it up.
  3. He asks us how to add meeting minutes, and his MySmartPlans PIM says to send them to us, we will time stamp and add to the calendar.
  4. He asks how to add OAC meetings to the calendar, and his MySmartPlans PIM again says send them to us we will add and distribute and attend the OAC meeting, listening for missing documents.

By this point, his reluctance turned to appreciation. Then the phone call comes at 5:00 on Friday night accusing us of missing a report that the contractor needed for payment, after which he sends an angry email to all stakeholders blaming MySmartPlans. This was an easy fix for us since we had the forensics of the project and we knew who, what, where, and how everything happens. We were able to debunk the angry email with one click of the planholders list. In this situation, the GC had not been on the project dashboard or sent us info, so after one phone call and one meeting, the GC had to own his mistake.

You think at this point the GC would be upset, but no – with everything transparent through MySmartPlans, everyone is accurately accountable. No finger-pointing, no excuses! Catching this mistake saved the city thousands of dollars and countless hours, and the GC actually became a huge MySmartPlans fan. He didn’t think he needed us until he needed us, and then we saved the day.

How else does MySmartPlans prevent litigation?


MySmartPlans tracks all data regarding your schedule, including daily logs and photos. The virtual attendance feature allows MySmartPlans PIMS to audit a meeting as it is happening, and then a list of missing documents is delivered directly to the owner and project team.

Predicting Change Orders

MySmartPlans allows an easy way to predict change orders. Our linking of all data supports the team to allow anyone to easily locate missing information, and MySmartPlans delivers clean data you about your project.

Closeout with a Click

At the end of the project, your data library is turned over immediately, not months later.

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