Expecting Savings with MySmartPlans

Written by Shelley Armato

When you think about what is most important to you and your construction projects, what comes to mind? For us, we go straight to budget and schedule. Without having those two things intact, it’s hard to push your project forward with a clear head. As the only construction project management solution in the market backed by full time Project Information Managers, we believe we can help keep you from spending countless hours on the phone with your counsel.

Below is a blurb of text directly from one of our users in the Northeastern part of the United States, Marty Mattes. Marty has been a user of MySmartPlans since 2014 and has been invaluable in the development process of our financial forecasting tool MySmartCost. As Marty wraps up another project with us, he sent over a testimony that we loved too much not to share!

“It has been a pleasure working with MySmartPlans on the ATB project. Early in the project, MSP (MySmartPlans) saved the college $120,000 that a subcontractor was making a claim against related to civil site work. Our state project manager and architect said that the subcontractor should be paid because the work was legitimate, and the college received benefit from the work. Though I did not disagree with those statements, the claim did not seem right to me and I wanted to really make sure I was getting solid advice. In my interest to see how well MSP search features worked and wanting to be satisfied that I was in fact contractually obligated to pay out on the claim, I took about 10-20 minutes (while multi-tasking) to search the documents in the MSP database. In that short time, I found contractual language that clearly put the scope of work risk associated with the claim on the contractor and not on the owner. I brought the information to the state project manager, architect and general contractor so we could all see the same language and agree on its interpretation. In no less than five minutes of discussion, everyone agreed that the contractor was obligated and responsible for the work and associated costs the subcontractor was making a claim against. There was no arguing or disruptive dispute because we could all agree that the claim was addressed in the contract documents. This is one example of the value that MSP, through its document search feature, brought to our project.”

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